I'm a software engineer at StyleShoots since March 2016. I'm working on new products for fashion industries. We have introduced the Live and Eclipse machines for videos and photos.
I've work for Ncam Technologies Ltd on camera tracking and augmented reality in the Broadcast and cinema industries. I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Université Lyon 1, France, in 2013, I also received a Master degree from the Université Lyon 1, in 2008.

Software engineer

Since 2016 at Styleshoots

I'm working on video and image processing for the fashion industry, to enhance and extends the StyleShoots processes. I'm developing new algorithms and methods on Computer Science, including classical Machine Learning and Deep learning. Our new product, called Eclipse, has been introduced at MICAM'18. See the product page here. Previously, I've worked on the studio photography machine called Live, introduced at Euroshop'17. See the product page here.

Research engineer

2013 - 2016: Ncam Technologies Ltd.

I was working on camera tracking for broadcast and cinema industries. Developping new algorithms to improve vision-oriented and multisensors realtime camera tracking. The Ncam compagny has been involved in many research projects, like the European Dreamspace project, or the UK ASAP project.

Ph.D. Candidate

2009 - 2013: at University Of Lyon, Lyon, France.

My thesis presents a novel approach for human action recognition from examples. Dealing with widly available Motion Capture data (Kinect-like), I present a light training process, yet achieving high recognition score on many usual actions.
(More details can be found in the abstract in the publications page.)

Summer 2013: Post-Doctoral Research stay at Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand.

Worked on high range scene analysis and understanding, with multiple depth sensors: crowd monitoring in an office environment.

Spring 2012: Research stay at University Of Windsor, Windsor, Canada.

Developed the "one shot learning" for human action recognition, leading to 2 publications (see publications page for details).


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Related works

OpenCV Proud Contributor!

Active contributor of the OpenCV's Q&A forum
Contributor to new OpenCV features.

Academic works (see the publications page for a list of my publications)

IEEE Journal on Human-Machine Systems, Reviewer;
Information Sciences, Reviewer;
Pattern Recognition Journal, Reviewer;
Journal Of Machine Vision and Applications, Reviewer;
International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Reviewer;
ISIEA, Reviewer;
RFIA 2012, Organiser (Website, organisation, EasyChair co-responsable);
Coresa 2012, Reviewer.